• Future finder

    Close the Gap Between Education and Workforce Needs

  • Future Finder

    Future Finder is a marketplace app for matching high school graduates with projects/internships/jobs, providing ongoing learning for employment sustainability

    The Pain Point

    Mismatch between high school student skills and marketplace needs

    Job opportunities are not visible or easily accessible

    The Solution (aka the Pain Killer)

    One Stop Shop for Highschool Students

    Stakeholders Surround Students and Also Stand to Benefit

  • How It Works

    Basic Model for Process Steps (MVP)


    Students Establish A Profile

    Includes basic information about passion, skills, teacher recommendations, interests, other project/job criteria


    Employers Enter Projects and Jobs

    With minimum skills and "medals" needed for each potential assignment


    Students Find Potential Matches

    Students can identify different opportunities based on interests, graduation year, and medals


    Students Earn Medals for Jobs, Projects, Skills, and Completed Training

    Ongoing cycle of skill development and badges continues


    Who's Involved

    High School Student

    Key Stakeholder

    High School Students are underserved by today's marketplace. They deserve a one-stop shop for training, job and project opportunities.


    Unique Opportunity

    Employers can easily fill open jobs - current and future - with prequalified and certified youth who are looking for a career.

    Workforce Ecosystem

    Crossing the Finish Line

    Full Employment is more readily facilitated through a more efficient marketplace. City Government, Community Colleges, and others build the ecosystem over 1-3 year timeframe


    Everyone wins.

    For All Stakeholders:

    Full employment and continuous learning

    Income and socioeconomic mobility for future workers

    Creates meaningful and more visible employment options

    One Stop Shopping

    Real-time updating of the marketplace



    For Employers:

    Receive interested, pre-qualified and certified youth

    Workers can be more cost effective than current workers requiring 4-yr college

    Improved retention and reduced hiring costs

    Employers will have more of a forward-looking focus in skill needs

    Provides more diverse employee base

    Have closer matching between workforce needs and skills




    Other Stakeholders


    Inspired? Let's go!

    Ecosystem Evolves from Match to More

    All Stakeholders Need to Engage Directly to support Adoption

    -Student workers - Continue to learn, acquire new skills, and match to new jobs

    -Employers - Continue to identify jobs and hire based on matches; and, identify future job needs as environment

    -Family/society - Support students directly through the app and also receive training

    -Schools - Strengthen their ability to provide work-ready students

    Next Steps

    Let's start this tomorrow!

    • We need stakeholder in the extended ecosystem to come together to further refine funding, plans, prototypes and operational details.